Lactation Management and Breastfeeding Support

Majority of our members work in private practice and provide parents with up to date, research based information and practical support on breastfeeding and complementary feeding by working in multidisciplinary teams.

Below are some testimonials from satisfied clients.  

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Ciru Ciera of Nurturing Moms for walking through this season with me.

I am grateful to have met her in the hour of need. Her services are immense, and she helped me realize that breastfeeding is so nice and easy.
It was rocket science for my first and second children, but for my third born, I can only say, “Imela!” My son is one year and three months today and still breastfeeding!
~ Gathoni

My baby was two weeks old, and she had lost weight. As first-time parents, my husband and I were terrified and so worried. The doctor gave us four days to do something about it before we saw him again; on that list was to see a Lactation Support Professional.

I called Shiko Mueke that afternoon; an hour later, she was at my house. Reassuring, warm and patient. She showed me the different breastfeeding positions until I found one comfortable for me and my baby. She helped us set up a section for baby stuff in our kitchen area, sterilization, and talked to our nanny about how best to support me at the time, diet and rest.

Shiko was at my house for three days straight, showing me the ropes, how to express milk correctly, what galactagogues to get and checking on us at night. On day 4, we visited the doctor, and our baby had gained 400 grams. He was in awe!!!

I’ll never forget that week because of how difficult it was, but I know for a fact I wouldn’t have been able to get through it without the ever-present support of Shiko Mueke and for this, I will forever be grateful.

~ Yvonne